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Instant Roaming Hub:

Instant roaming with 560 operators in 200+ territories Customisable to individual operator requirements Easy to administer Result in very low cost to subscriber and therefore much wider use Customisable and configurable options to cater for individual operator requirements Low start up costs Ready for service within days not months. Single Supplier and simple management of entire global roaming solution

SIM Cards:

Subscribers provided with separate Global SIM Global and optional IMSI's added to local SIM Cloud9 SIM manufacturing along with custom application development available SIM cards with Cloud9 Global and optional IMSI's from Operators preferred SIM manufacturer

Integration Options:

Off the shelf billing and management tools providing Separate Roaming and Local Account balance and management Roaming and Local Account integrated with operators existing billing system through simple web based API providing Single Roaming and Local Account balance and management

Inbound Call Options:

Subsidised inbound calls to +44 Global MSISDN Integration of multiple additional national / mobile or international MSISDN's Operator call forwarding to allow subscribers to receive on local number when roaming at low rates USA MSISDN available

Multi IMSI Options:

Global Roaming IMSI for coverage in over 560 operator networks USA IMSI and MSISDN for low cost roaming in the United States of America. UK IMSI for low cost national roaming in the United Kingdom Additional IMSI's coming soon

How does it work:

Instead of allowing direct calling and being charged by the VPLMN we utilise Callback Low cost, highly reliable USSD trigger message is sent to our platform MSRN is obtained and dialled Once handset is answered, destination call is made The Callback mechanism bypasses the requirement to pay Mobile Originated Call (MOC) IOT Charges set by the VPLMN. In some circumstances a charge for inbound calls is levied by the VPLMN known as a Mobile Terminated Call (MTC) charge but this is typically still less than the MOC charge.

Subsidised Inbound Calls to +44 Global MSISDN:

Calls received on +44 Global MSISDN receive a revenue share. This revenue share is netted off against the cost of the call to the MSRN. In many instances this leads to the ability to provide "Free" inbound calls.