Resellers ....

Reseller Tools:

Cloud9 offer the most transparent and unique features within the international roaming market. Cloud9 Resellers receive all necessary tools, training and technology to run their own profitable business. We take care of the technical issues allowing you to concentrate on the marketing.

Billing System:

The Cloud9 billing system works in Real Time and allows Resellers to fully control and manage sub-agent and customer accounts 365 days a year. Daily CDRs are generated in ftp site showing full Reseller margins.


SIM Cards can be fully customized with up to 4 colours, both sides using their own logo and corporate details. USSD and Email settings sent from the system can be fully customized in most languages. Using Cloud9’s generic customer front-end allows Resellers to use their own “Header” logo and “Background” image. Using Cloud9 web API’s allows resellers to create their own fully customized “Admin” and “Customer” front-end portals.

Cloud9 Training:

The Cloud9 staff members will fully train you in how to manage your online portal which is where you control your SIM inventory in real time.


Cloud9 offers all new Resellers the option of terminating all traffic so you are in charge of rates. Alternatively we are more than happy to take care of this using our wholesale A-Z.


Whether being a start-up company or seasoned professionals within the GSM roaming, the Cloud9 Reseller department will assist you all the way to building a profitable and successful business, taking advantage of exorbitant roaming rates. Start up is simple and your business can be live within two weeks.

Latest News -Call-Thru:

Cloud9 have launched a Direct Dialing solution within over 200 Camel supported networks worldwide. Wholesale rates within the EU are very competitive and for further savings a USSD Call Back can be generated.